What do you Have to do Before Taking a Course Online?

If you’re not exactly a technical geek and you are a bit worried that your equipment may not be good enough to do an online course, do not worry because chances are you have just enough what you need. Requirements may differ from course to course but for the most part the computer you have should be good enough. You probably don’t need anything fancy and if you don’t have a computer yet you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a new one. In fact you can probably just go and buy a used one or by one from a friend that doesn’t need it anymore. It should be a few years old and not too old so that programs will be outdated. If it is a windows machine and it’s running windows seven that is probably good enough.

Check Your Computer
The computer should be fairly new and it doesn’t matter if it is a desktop or a laptop. If it’s from a friend you should ask him if he’s ever had any problems with it. Any course that you buy should have some suggestions on how it is best viewed and what minimal requirements you need from your computer. Most online courses and marketing including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Amazon and drop shipping courses are mostly video based. So as long as the computer has no problem with watching videos and you should be OK. A good test is to just go on youtube and watch two videos to see how it works. Keep in mind that your Internet connection plays a big part in this so if the Internet is slow do not think that it is the problem of the computer. If you’re on a fast connection and the video seems choppy it still may not be the computer. Make sure you were on a wired connection and not wi-fi. If one wired and the video seems much better than you know that you have a good computer and it should have no problems keeping up with video.

Your operating system should be fairly up to date. At minimal you should have a windows 7. At the time of this writing windows 10 is the most current operating system from Microsoft. Older systems may work too, but you will need to check these out for yourself.

Software Needed?
As for software you don’t really need much because the online training for Internet Marketing courses are mostly web based. You should consider some other software like a windows office so that you can keep notes and create spreadsheets which you will need for your online business at some point.

Internet Access – Speed and Reliability
As mentioned before having reliable Internet access is probably the most important part of this puzzle. If you have a fast computer it won’t matter because if your Internet is slow you will get a slow connection. Some courses may allow you to download the videos so that you can view later where you will not experience any choppiness. Most course is however do not allow this so you will have to make sure that your Internet connection is good. You can test this out again by just watching videos on youtube to see how it performs. You can also do a test on speedtest.net where it will tell you how your Internet connection is performing.

Get a Good Review on Your Course First
When it comes to purchasing your Internet Marketing course, make sure you get a good review first. Review sites like Drew’s Review will tell you and make some suggestions as to which courses will be the best fit for you. Having a review will eliminate the chances of you buying a course that is a dud.

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