Golfing & Marketing

What on earth do golfing and marketing have to do with one another.  Nothing much in fact.  But this is an interesting story that am going to tell you about.  You see, I used to always want to get away from work and just play golf that I could never find the time.  My job was very stressful and I often worked double shifts.

I knew that I had to find a way to find more time to play golf and ideally for me it would be during the week when it was and so busy.  I envied the retirees and business owners that I knew who played golf during the week while everyone was at work.  I knew that this was what I wanted to do and I had to find some way have to do it.

I started researching on the Internet on ways have to make money online.  I came across a few different people who were sharing your stories about how they made millions of dollars.  One of these was Anik Singal, someone who basically lived through what I want to experience.  I could totally relate to him because he talked about how even though he could’ve been a doctor, he wanted more for himself.

I knew that the best way to start making a living was on the Internet.  I’ve thought about opening some type of business but I just did know what to do.  Plus, the startup expenses of a traditional business was simply out of reach for me.  Lightning bolts went off in my head when I realized that the earning potential is limitless and depends how much you put into it.

So fast forward a few years later where I quit my job and has a successful online business in both e-commerce and some affiliate marketing sites.  All of the sites enable me to make a good living and in fact much more money than before with my day job.

You can imagine now that I have the time to play golf whenever I want.  Those same people that I’ve talked about, the retirees and business owners, I now can join them for a few rounds of golf during the week.  It’s great.

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