The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing

Through technology advancement marketing has evolved to be more effective than before. You have heard people talking about the power of internet marketing and how it can be used to reach masses within a short period of time.

But what is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, is a form o marketing that promotes a brand or a business over the internet using digital channels that drive leads/traffic and sales. Online marketing is necessary for businesses that want to make it in the digital world.

Internet marketing can be divided into more specialized areas. To help you get started, here are some of the most popular channels that each business should know.

• Search engine optimization

(SEO) optimizes websites and landing pages to boost the number of visitors. This strategy is designed to help prospective clients find you through search engines.

SEO is a powerful tool. with SEO you will have a website designed to rank well in search engines, thus helping prospective clients to find you organically. To be at the top of search engines, you need to do extensive research on keywords. Additionally, you can use link builders in conjunction with SEO, to boost your ranking.

• Social media marketing

Social media marketing is all about online presence. It is marketing your brand through social media platforms such as Facebook, Digg YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. often, the main goal of this strategy is to create brand awareness and establish a positive relationship with clients. The success of this strategy depends on your social network. So be sure to come up with captivating content to attract their attention.

• Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing(online referral marketing) enables other people to promote your products and drive traffic to your business.

This strategy pays commissions to individuals and external websites for the traffic they generate.

• Email marketing

Email marketing entails marketing efforts through e-mail messages to both current and prospective clients(driving sales through email communications). Just like social media marketing, this strategy reminds customers of your products. However, unlike social media, it is more aggressive as clients expect offers and calls to action.

• Pay-Per-Click Marketing

In PPC, marketers create ADs, have it displayed to their prospective clients and then pay for the results.

There are two forms of PPC: display ads and search ads.

search ads pop up to users who are actively searching for your keyword (your add will be displayed at the top of their search results). On the other hand, Display ads pop up proactively to users while they’re surfing.

To get started with online marketing, the first thing you need to do is understand the above strategies. Then come up with a well-designed website. After your website, conduct extensive keyword research. Keep in mind that the keywords you choose will determine your ranking. Online marketing strategies can be a gold mine, to land on new clients, if implemented strategically.

Online marketing can be complicated for starters. However, in this digital era, it is a necessary evil. Even small businesses that serve local customers, should utilize online marketing to get new clients and foster relationships with existing customers.

What do you Have to do Before Taking a Course Online?

If you’re not exactly a technical geek and you are a bit worried that your equipment may not be good enough to do an online course, do not worry because chances are you have just enough what you need. Requirements may differ from course to course but for the most part the computer you have should be good enough. You probably don’t need anything fancy and if you don’t have a computer yet you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a new one. In fact you can probably just go and buy a used one or by one from a friend that doesn’t need it anymore. It should be a few years old and not too old so that programs will be outdated. If it is a windows machine and it’s running windows seven that is probably good enough.

Check Your Computer
The computer should be fairly new and it doesn’t matter if it is a desktop or a laptop. If it’s from a friend you should ask him if he’s ever had any problems with it. Any course that you buy should have some suggestions on how it is best viewed and what minimal requirements you need from your computer. Most online courses and marketing including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Amazon and drop shipping courses are mostly video based. So as long as the computer has no problem with watching videos and you should be OK. A good test is to just go on youtube and watch two videos to see how it works. Keep in mind that your Internet connection plays a big part in this so if the Internet is slow do not think that it is the problem of the computer. If you’re on a fast connection and the video seems choppy it still may not be the computer. Make sure you were on a wired connection and not wi-fi. If one wired and the video seems much better than you know that you have a good computer and it should have no problems keeping up with video.

Your operating system should be fairly up to date. At minimal you should have a windows 7. At the time of this writing windows 10 is the most current operating system from Microsoft. Older systems may work too, but you will need to check these out for yourself.

Software Needed?
As for software you don’t really need much because the online training for Internet Marketing courses are mostly web based. You should consider some other software like a windows office so that you can keep notes and create spreadsheets which you will need for your online business at some point.

Internet Access – Speed and Reliability
As mentioned before having reliable Internet access is probably the most important part of this puzzle. If you have a fast computer it won’t matter because if your Internet is slow you will get a slow connection. Some courses may allow you to download the videos so that you can view later where you will not experience any choppiness. Most course is however do not allow this so you will have to make sure that your Internet connection is good. You can test this out again by just watching videos on youtube to see how it performs. You can also do a test on where it will tell you how your Internet connection is performing.

Get a Good Review on Your Course First
When it comes to purchasing your Internet Marketing course, make sure you get a good review first. Review sites like Drew’s Review will tell you and make some suggestions as to which courses will be the best fit for you. Having a review will eliminate the chances of you buying a course that is a dud.

Golfing & Marketing

What on earth do golfing and marketing have to do with one another.  Nothing much in fact.  But this is an interesting story that am going to tell you about.  You see, I used to always want to get away from work and just play golf that I could never find the time.  My job was very stressful and I often worked double shifts.

I knew that I had to find a way to find more time to play golf and ideally for me it would be during the week when it was and so busy.  I envied the retirees and business owners that I knew who played golf during the week while everyone was at work.  I knew that this was what I wanted to do and I had to find some way have to do it.

I started researching on the Internet on ways have to make money online.  I came across a few different people who were sharing your stories about how they made millions of dollars.  One of these was Anik Singal, someone who basically lived through what I want to experience.  I could totally relate to him because he talked about how even though he could’ve been a doctor, he wanted more for himself.

I knew that the best way to start making a living was on the Internet.  I’ve thought about opening some type of business but I just did know what to do.  Plus, the startup expenses of a traditional business was simply out of reach for me.  Lightning bolts went off in my head when I realized that the earning potential is limitless and depends how much you put into it.

So fast forward a few years later where I quit my job and has a successful online business in both e-commerce and some affiliate marketing sites.  All of the sites enable me to make a good living and in fact much more money than before with my day job.

You can imagine now that I have the time to play golf whenever I want.  Those same people that I’ve talked about, the retirees and business owners, I now can join them for a few rounds of golf during the week.  It’s great.